road race in the "footsteps" of History and Ancient Via Egnatia



The race titled "VIA EGNATIA RUN" is a sport event organized by regional unit of Evros-region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The concept "born" in 2016 as a necessary to make a reference covering over time and through the history and culture of the ancient route Egnatia. The "VIA EGNATIA RUN" is an innovative action. The past declare "the starting point" which "travailing" us in the present and in the future of this place. A route race, with these qualities and content gives a different approximation to long distance races for runners. The "VIA EGNATIA RUN" aims to cross all the ancient road Egnatia and through sport to approach the path which associated Constinopole, with Rome about commerce, economic and culture. This road joined and brought together the citizens in the past and in this way can lead us in the future.

The first race "VIA EGNATIA RUN" organized in 2016. The participants of the race ran a path length of 16 kilometers. The race took place from the regional unit of Evros under the second festival "VIA EGNATIA" that implanted the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

In 2017, the race was grew up and titled as "half-marathon", taking certification by the association of International Marathons and Distance Races-AIMS (21,097.5m). At the same time, there was a people’s race-power walking (3,500m) and race for children and People With Disabilities (800m).

In the first official half marathon of Evros, three hundred runners participated in the race, from across the country, for the history of the ancient route Egnatia. In this way, they showed strength and durability, offered emotions to the habitants of the villages and to the people who gathered in finish line (ΝΟΜΑΡΧΕΙΟ) in Alexandroupolis. The public greeted the 200 citizens that they participated at people’s race-power walking (3,500m) and the 100 children and 30 People With Disabilities at the race of 800 m. 300 volunteers (a record number for the regional unit of Evros) supported the organization.

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