road race in the "footsteps" of History and Ancient Via Egnatia


General Terms


The region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace-unit regional of Evros-organises race titled



Other races



With the following terms:

1. Anyone amateur or non runner who reached the age of 18 has the right to participate at half marathon and people’s race (born at least 2000).

2. In the case of participation of minors in half marathon and the 5 kilometers race, the application shall be submitted by the parent who has the parental responsibility. The submission of the corresponding application states the consent of the parent for the child’s participation in the race.

3. Every child born in 2006, 2007 and 2008 has the right to participate in the 800 meters race, as well as the People With Disabilities of all ages. The application of participation shall be submitted by the parent who has the parental responsibility. The submission of the corresponding application states the consent of the parent for the child’s participation.

In the case of younger child participation, the participation is allowed ONLY with the accompaniment of a parent throughout the journey.

4. For the 800 meters race, the presence to the secretariat is obligatory, as well as at the beginning area in order to receive the number of participation with which the children and People With Disabilities will race.

5. The participation in the races is Free-For-All.

6. Statements of participation will be made electronically in the official website of the organization www.viaegnatiarun.gr or in person at the office of Deputy Regional Governor of Evros, 40 Karaoli and Dimitriou, Alexandroupolis, 5th floor, office 2, every day at 09:00-15:00, in the time-limit of subscriptions.

7. The maximum number of entries per race is as follows: 400 runners for half marathon, 400 runners for the people’s race (5 kilometers), and 300 runners for the race (800 meters) for children and People With Disabilities.

8. All athletes of the half marathon and 5 kilometers race, as well as the parents of minors athletes sign a declaration that they have been medically examined and that they are responsible for their own physical health.

9. The organizing committee of the race bears no responsibility in case of injury or other type of damage which may be suffered by a participant or a viewer in the competition.

10. In case of exceptional conditions or another event force majeure, the organizing committee of the race has the right to decide the postpone or cancel the race depending on prevailing circumstances.

11. The organizing committee has the right to change the program of the race, the terms and conditions of participation and conduct of the race without prior notice, by posting on the website of the race.

12. The organizing committee assumes no responsibility for any loss of valuables from the bag of clothing.

13. The participants undertake that they will not grant, to another person, the number of participation which will be given by the organizing committee. The number of participation will be used ONLY in the event for which you have submitted the application form. In other words, the runner who has declared participation in the half-marathon cannot take part in people’s race with the same number of half marathon. You will need to re-apply for a new number for the people’s race.

14. The participants are required to bring their number of participation up to the finish line. Otherwise, they will be excluded.

15. The time recording of half-marathon will be made electronically with chip recording ‘RFID’ embedded in the participation number.

16. The time recording of people’s race will be hand-made by the association of judges of classical sports of Thrace.

17. There is no competition in the race of 800 meters for children and People With Disabilities. For this reason, there will be no timing nor will it be announced nor a finish ranking.

18. The participants agree and consent to the use of their personal information, as well as their profile for the purposes of the organization.

19. The start of half-marathon will be given at 10:30 and will last for 2 hours & 45 minutes. After this, runners will run at their own risk.

The start of the people’s race-power walking will be given at 11:00 and the time limit of finish is 50 minutes.

ATTENTION! During the finish, the runners of the people’s race-power walking are required to follow the instructions of the judges, while those who are still within the track after 50 minutes, they shouldn’t bother the first runners of half-marathon!

The start of the race for children and People With Disabilities (800 meters) will be given at 11:00.

20. Every single mile, will be marked with a kilometer display and sprayed on the pavement on both sides.

21. There will be judges’ volunteers at points where the course will change, as well as marking with a dart showing the course of the athletes.

22. The runners should show care and responsibility wherever course changes a judge or volunteer as well as marking signs showing the road.

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