SUNDAY 15 MAY 2022

road race in the "footsteps" of History and Ancient Via Egnatia



The success of the “VIA EGNATIA RUN” is a combination of team and volunteering work. The offer of all of those who responded to the call of the Organizing Committee and chose to volunteer in the great athletics event in the footsteps of History and the Ancient Egnatia Road was valuable.

Every year more and more volunteers take part in the “VIA EGNATIA RUN” offering their support at the starting point and at the finishing line of the four races, across the Half Marathon route, contributing to all runners’ safety and to the successful completion of efforts. In 2017 300 volunteers supported the event as well as many other authorities and associations. In 2018 and 2019 50 authorities and associations and 400 volunteers - a record number for the Regional Unit of Evros - contributed to the success of the race.

Come and join to live the experience of a great athletic event, to get to know the running movement, to share the effort of the athletes, to taste the joy of success, the satisfaction and the excitement to reach the finish line. Register now!

Terms and conditions to become a volunteer!

1. The right to participate as a volunteer has anyone who has reached the age of 16 (born at least in 2006).

2. The participation is either in person or either in groups representing an authority or cultural association.

3. In the case of minors’ participation, the application shall be submitted by the parent/custody guardian who approves the terms of participation.

4. Minor volunteers will be placed at volunteering spots in the city. For example: at clothing distribution at NOMARCHEIO, at the finishing line.

5. Registration can be submitted on-line at the official website www.viaegnatiarun.gr or in person at the office of Deputy Regional Governor of Evros, 40 Karaoli and Dimitriou st., Alexandroupolis, 5th floor, office 2, every day between 09:00-15:00, until the last day of subscriptions.

6. Every volunteering position aims to bring the runners a step closer to the finish line, the achievement of their goal, but also offer their support even when they cross the finish line. So, it is very important that all becoming volunteers do it sincerely from their heart, know and believe the reason why they become volunteers, as they consist a part of the chain that starts before the starting line and finishes after the end of the race and the medals’ award.

7. The area of volunteering as well as transportation to this area will be precised at the volunteers’ technical meeting a few days before the race, for which volunteers will be informed in time either on their mobile phone or at their e-mail declared during registration. For this reason, it is important that the contact details are correct.

8. The participation in the volunteers’ technical meeting is mandatory; otherwise the volunteers will be excluded from the race.

9. During the volunteers’ technical meeting, the volunteers will receive the official volunteer t-shirt.

10. All volunteers are presented on the day of the race at the spot they have been placed to and in no case do they change the spot on their own. Changes can only be made by the Head of volunteers.

11. In case on no attendance on the day of the race the volunteers are required to immediately inform the Head of volunteers and return the volunteer t-shirt.

12. In case on no attendance on the day of the race the volunteers cannot define another person to replace them. The replacement is taken place only by the Head of volunteers.

13. Any material in position of the volunteers during their placement belongs to the Organizing Committee and is available for a specific use according to the Team Leader’s instructions. The free disposal and use of the material to anyone not participating to the event and against the given instructions is prohibited.

14. Given that volunteering takes place at the time of the race not any volunteer can be registered as runner.

15. The Organizing Committee may modify the program of volunteers according to the race’s needs.

16. Volunteering at the “VIA EGNATIA RUN” in no way consists a work offer nor can justify a claim for payment, but consists only a voluntary services’ offer within the purposes of the event.

17. The volunteers should support the runners and the attendants with kindness and willingness.

18. On the day of the race the volunteers directly notify the Team Leader and the Head of volunteers about anything they may observe and may affect the smooth running of the event.

19. All the volunteers should follow and adhere strictly to the instructions of the Technical Director, the Head of volunteers and members of the Organizing Committee of the race.

All the volunteers will receive a certificate of participation in the event.

Volunteering Spots

1. At the starting point and the finish line of all “VIA EGNATIA RUN” races.

2. At water stations for the runners.

3. At the delivery and return of the runners’ clothing.

4. On the vertical roads to prevent vehicles from entering the route of the race.

5. Where the route changes direction.

6. Wherever the Organizing Committee considers this is necessary for the best and smooth running of the race.


All volunteers will receive the official volunteer T-shirt of the race and a certificate of participation to the event.


Come and join to live the experience of a great athletic event, to get to know the running movement, to share the effort of the athletes, to taste the joy of success, the satisfaction and the excitement to reach the finish line.

Subscriptions are submitted on-line from 30/03/2022 to 08/05/2022.


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