road race in the "footsteps" of History and Ancient Via Egnatia



The successful conduct of the organization VIA EGNATIA RUN is a result of team work and volunteering. The offer of all of those who responded to the call of the Organizing Committee and chose to take part voluntary in the grand celebration of sport and inform for the ancient road "EGNATIA" was valuable.

Every year, more and more volunteers participate in the VIA EGNATIA RUN offering their help at the start and at the end of the three races throughout the "half marathon", helping in that way the runners to safely pass and the effort to be successfully completed. In 2017, the number of volunteers who participate in the program was about 300, which is quite a record for Evros (country department).

You should come and live the experience of a great event, get to know the procedure of the race, share the toil and anxiety of athletes, and taste the joy of success, satisfaction and the thrill of the termination. Join us now!

Terms and conditions to become a volunteer!

1. Anyone who reached the age of 18 has the right to participate voluntarily in "VIA EGNATIA RUN" (born at least 2000).

2. Participation is either individual or collective as a part of organization or cultural association.

3. People under the age of 18, being register as volunteers only if being accompanied by an adult or participate as a member of a group. In this case, the application shall be submitted by the manager of the team of the parent who has the parental responsibility, and accepts the participation terms.

4. Statements of participation can only be made electronically in the official website of the race www.viaegnatiarun.gr, or in person at the deputy Regional Chief of Staff of Evros, Karaoli and Dimitriou 40, Alexandroupolis, 5th floor, office 2, daily from 09:00-15:00 in the time period of the subscriptions.

5. Each position of volunteer activity aims to bring runners one step closer to the termination, in order to achieve their goal but also to take care, of them even after they finish the race even pass the line of termination. So, it is very important that the participation want to be volunteer from their heart, to know and to believe the reason they became volunteers, because the volunteers undertake a link in the chain that begins before the starting line and ends later than the termination and the awarding of medals.

6. The voluntary sector and the mode of transport to it will be determined at a volunteer technical meeting a few days before the race, for which volunteers will be informed in time either on their mobile phone or at their e-mail addresses that have been given the application form. For this reason, it is important that the contact details are correct.

7. The participation in the technical meeting of volunteers is obligatory; otherwise they will be excluded from the race.

8. During the technical meeting of volunteers, the volunteers will receive the official t-shirt.

9. The day of the race, all volunteers are presented been placed and there is no case to change their sport on their own. Changes can only be made by the responsible of volunteers.

10. If someone is prevented to be present on the day of the race, is obligated to inform immediately the responsible of volunteers and returns the t-shirt.

11. On the race-day, if the volunteer is unable to attend be cannot another person as a substitute. Replacement is done only from the responsible of volunteers.

12. The material handled by volunteers during their employment belongs to be organizing committee and is made available to a specific use according to the instructions of the Chief of Staff. It is not allowed to be freely disposed and used by anyone else expect from the purposes of the event and the instructions given.

13. Given the simultaneous volunteer time of the race, the volunteer cannot submit a runner request at the same time.

14. The organizing committee may modify the program of volunteers according to as needs of race.

15. Participation in the race of "VIA EGNATIA RUN" as a volunteer does not constitute in anyway a job nor can justify itself a claim for payment, but is only a voluntary service offering within the purposes of the organization.

16. The participating volunteers should serve runners and spectators with courtesy and willingness.

17. On the race-day, the volunteers directly notify the manager and the responsible of volunteers immediately about anything that may affect the smooth running of the event.

18. All the volunteers should be follow and adhere strictly to the instructions of the technical director, leader of volunteers and members of the organizing committee of the race.

19. All the volunteers will receive a certificate of participation in the event.

Points of volunteering

1. At the start and the end of the "VIA EGNATIA RUN" races.

2. At power stations offering water to the runners.

3. In the handling of runners clothing.

4. On the vertical axes to prevent vehicles from entering the areas of the race.

5. At the points of the race where the route changes direction.

6. Wherever the Organizing Committee considers it necessary to a better and seamless conduct of the match.


All the volunteers will receive the official volunteer t-shirt of the race and a confirmation of their participation in the organization.


Join to live the experience of a big event, to get to know the runner movement, to share the pain and the stress of the athletes, to enjoy the joy of success, satisfaction and emotion of the finish.

Subscriptions are submitted on-line from
27/3/2019 to 5/5/2019.

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